Galaxy Grand 2 support from GGC

The galaxy grand center will officially support "Galaxy Grand 2" from rooting of the phone to a official custom ROM by GGC.

Samsung today launched the successor to the successful Samsung Galaxy Grand in India, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. Launched earlier this year, Samsung Galaxy Grand set certain benchmarks and brought new features like multi-window to a budget smartphone.
The Grand 2 smartphone is really a phablet. Samsung clearly loves big screens and Samsung Galaxy Grand is all about being large-hearted. The phablet comes with a generous 5.25-inch TFT display. The screen resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels. At 280 ppi, there's a lot Samsung leaves to desire here. The bigger the screen and smaller the resolution, the worse is the reading experience. Bigger is clearly not always the better and Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 proves just that.

While the screen more than disappoints, the news that Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 comes with the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.3 is sure to make you smile. Yes, we do know that KitKat is already here but there's still time before smartphone makers adapt to the all new Android platform. Till CES 2014, Jelly Bean 4.3 is all you get and honestly, there's no real reason to complain.

So far it has been a tie for the phone. But the one thing that will tip scales in favour of or against the device is the hardware. Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 runs a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor under the hood.  Discounting the octa-core craze, quad core is the best out there. However, while phonemakers have often dangled the quad-core carrot before, the low RAM has proved to be the catch. With a 1.5 GHz RAM, Samsung has ensured that Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is as smooth as butter. The smartphone with the big screen is clearly for multi-tasking and some good gaming. With the processor and an adequate RAM, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is quite a capable phablet.

CyanogenMod 11.0 made stable

As I have said in my before post while guiding you all to install cm11.0 that the bugs are being fixed. Well, I can say in the latest build everything seem to be fine with an awesome battery backup of 1 day(moderate use).

I recommend to use this rom as daily driver as it is the smoothest rom ever built for our device.
In the latest build every bug leaving only dual sim issue which is one heck of a problem to fix. Though developers are working to fix it and will hear a good news from them soon.

Download :
Latest build :- here
Detailed guide :- here

Do comment if any queries about the ROM and the process.
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Xposed Framework. Explained !

Xposed framework is a customizer of system apps in android phones. Instead of customizing the app itself it remotely controls the lines to be  changed inside the app through a xml file. A brilliant way to change the way our phone looks.

Today I will walkthrough on Installation of xposed framework and how to make your own customization. This app strictly needs root as it penetrates into system to make changes.

-You need to download xposed app here
-Install the app normally.
-Follow the images below.

- Grant superuser permission.
- click on reboot.
- After reboot you have to go to Download.(See 1st image above)
-Download the desired module.
- Select above on download(see image below[blue mark] ) . Select Modules(red mark).
-Select the modules.(See the 2nd image below)

- Reboot your phone.
- Now your installed modules will be visible in your launcher.

The above modules are my favourite ones. Also if you want to know more about modules you can go to Download -->your module-->original thread.

Thanks alot ! More Explained posts coming !

Install CM 11.0 on your SGG

Hello guys, xda recognized developer pawitp has compiled cm11.0 i.e: android 4.4 kitkat for our device which is very much stable for daily use.

Original thread: here


- You must be on 4.2.2 rom/firmware before installing this rom.
This is important or else the rom will not boot.
- Go here to download the rom and here to download the gapps.
- Install recovery via odin. Recovery link - here
You must install the above recovery or else you will get a status 7 error.
- Now after installing recovery via odin go to cwm by 3 button combo.(vol up+home+power)
- Wipe cache partition.
- Wipe data/factory reset.
- Advanced --> Wipe dalvik cache.
- Mounts and Storage --> format /system
- Install zip from sdcard -- Choose the rom zip.
- After that install the above linked gapps.
- Reboot your phone.

Now you have succefully installed cm11.0 and running android 4.4 kitkat.

Do leave comments if any issues.