Note II Pop-up browser port for SGG

Hello guys,i have just ported pop-up browser which is a note ll feature which was missing in our device !!

However,i noticed a thing that this app is firmware varient !
I ported it in XXAMAC and after i upgraded to XXAMC5(latest Indian) i saw that the app force i noticed that some images/smalis are missing in twframework
so i could port for only these firmwares :(

If you want for any other firmware(9082L users too) can give me the link of their twframework


  • XXAMAC => here
  • XXAMC5 => here

    Do post comment if you have any difficulty !

[NEWS]Custom ROM arrives for SGG

There are few developers in xda forums who started building custom ROMS for our device !!!

Here are the links for the ROMS :

  1. here -The first ROM which is developed by balliboxer based on XXAMC5 firmware
  2. here -The sencond which is ultra lite ROM by k2wl based on XXAMC8 Portugal
    firmware !!!

    Do visit these links and share your views and feedbacks in the approproiate
    XDA thread !!!


How to reset bin counter

This is what we were waiting for !!!

Reset your bin counter and claim your warranty

Installation :

  • Download triangle away app from here => click
  • Install apk and follow below images

Make your Grand look and feel like Windows Phone 8

Windows Grand 8

Just follow these simple steps to make your samsung galaxy grand look like WP8 :

=>Download Launcher 8 from here => click
=>After you install you can add tiles by clicking menu button and Add
=>To get a music player like wp8 you need to install Ubermusic => here

=>Now long press on music tile and click the top left small icon which is 'edit'
after that click on bind application and select ubermusic that you have installed "Done".Now when you click music tile it will open the ubermusic which is wp8 like music player.

=> For windows style messaging go here => click

Do the same as above (ie. bind application to the message tile and it will open messenger 7)

=>Last one the contacts => here

(Do bind application to contacts tile)

Done ! YOU have a WP8 phone

Communicate with my blogs

Visit my new blog based specially for hard core gamers !

Link => here

Also you can stay in-touch about all the feeds/posts and tips/tricks about the galaxy grand by this app

One-Click app => here 


Galaxy Grand Center app => here

Galaxy Grand Games app => here
Do post/comment your feedback about this page as well as any difficulty in any tip/tricks.

Enable pie control on your SGG

Hello all , I have enabled the pie feature which is the proprietry feature of Paranoid Jellybean 4.2.2 ie. 3+

Lets begin :

=> First go to the official xda page ---> here !
=> Install the apk. and grant superuser permission then go to Set gesture input
=> Select not known device yet.
=>Select start/stop service once to start the feature.

=>Go to Set touchscreenmode and select pie.
Done !
You can also customize the pie links as i did in the above screenshots!

More information on how to use this feature can be done by seeing this video :

Addons for Galaxy Grand

ADDONS :   Be cool with your new android rooted device

1.Miui themed keyboard by lenny_kano :
Click here !

2.Note 2 gallery : (please see : It is not a flashable zip so do not flash with CWM)
-download zip ---> here extract it
-put secgallery.apk and its odex to sdcard
-open root explorer . go to system/app and delete secgallery_galaxy.apk and its odex
-now copy the secgallery.apk and its odex that you placed in sdcard and copy it to system/app
-set permission to r-w-r-r for both secgalley.apk as well as odex



4,Latest Indian firmware(lit of fixes) :
Link ---> Click here !

5.Add custom bootanimation :

-Go here ---> See here
-Download the from there
-Flash it through cwm (like you did for superuser)
-and then flash the this file ---> here that i made resizing the images to our device screen !
-Then you can flash any bootanimation that is a flashable zip

Procedure to root Samsung galaxy grand GT-I9082

Procedure to root Samsung galaxy grand GT-I9082

WARNING !!! It will void your warranty and raise the bin counter .
(No need to worry though because i am working on resetting the bin counter so that your warranty comes back)

Why CWM ? Why not a pre-rooted firmware which will not void warranty?

Ans : CWM has many more functionality than stock recovery ! Rooting means to playing around with your device.If some thing goes wrong it you have to flash the whole firmware again instead,backup your ROM through CWM and if something goes wrong restore your backup AS SIMPLE AS THAT ! 

Hello guys i am here to present you a way to root samsung galaxy grand duos !!!
You can also can see video tutorial

All you have to do is follow my instructions :

STEP 1 :
-Download and setup ADB drivers for your device
can be found here Drivers !

STEP 2 :
-Download the recovery from here ---> Recovery image !
-Download odin 3 from attachment below !
-Turn of your device and go to odin mode  [ Vol down + power + home button (all at the same time) ]  release it when you see GT-i9082 logo
-Press vol up to confirm

STEP 3 :
-Now that you are in odin mode connect your device via usb cable !
-Now open Odin3 3.04 that you have downloaded from the attachment !
-If there is a pop-up like Installing ADB drivers let it get finished it is usually updates !!!!
It should look like this

-Make sure the COM : xx (xx is usb port number it can be any number so dont worry about it,just verify COM is lit up)
-Extract the ! Now select PDA and browse to where you have extracted CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar.md5 and select it

it should look like this

STEP 4 :

-Click Start :)

Now you have a cwm touch recovery !!!!

If any one is getting md5 hash value failed while flashing rename "CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar.md5  to ""CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar" (remove the .md5) and then flash it !

-Download fix recovery from here ---> here   Many thanks to KSHHH from xda
-Download SuperSu (obviously the latest one) from here  ------> Click here !
-Copy that to externel sdcard (NOT INTERNAL ! )
-Power off your device and press vol up + power + home button (all at once)
-Select install zip from sdcard --->choose zip from sdcard ---> scroll down and select Fix and again choose zip from sdcard and flash

Done ! And you are ready to go

Root Uninstaller :
-If you want to unroot(superuser app) download this ---> Click here !

-If you want to unroot keeping CWM alive then flash only the (like you flashed earlier)

-If you say you don't want any customization(am 1st time guys who is asking how to unroot) and want to keep your phone dead
* follow instructions in option 1 and then flash recovery.tar via Odin ...Congo Samsung's phone is back !

Please don't mirror the CWM-recovery image or root installer.I am very much concerned about the number of downloads.

Chainfire for SuperSu
Samsung for recovery.img and odin
Koush for the web builder ...thanks bro was stuck after porting CWM recovery and your builder did rest of the JOB ...Hatts off !

FAQ's :

-Why is my download not ending even though md5 is verified?
Ans : If you are using the USB cable which came with the phone please change it , it is damn slow !

-COM port is not turning up !!!!!!
Ans : Update your ADB driver or install it properly.

-All of the above is correct,then why the hell odin is not flashing the recovery ?
Ans : Try flashing through odin3 v3.07(try googling it for download),then too you can't get it right then the hell demon is in your mobile he'll not let you do this.

Posted by original author of the thread as well as the files.