Enable pie control on your SGG

Hello all , I have enabled the pie feature which is the proprietry feature of Paranoid Jellybean 4.2.2 ie. 3+

Lets begin :

=> First go to the official xda page ---> here !
=> Install the apk. and grant superuser permission then go to Set gesture input
=> Select not known device yet.
=>Select start/stop service once to start the feature.

=>Go to Set touchscreenmode and select pie.
Done !
You can also customize the pie links as i did in the above screenshots!

More information on how to use this feature can be done by seeing this video :


  1. Gr8

    How is the development going on binary count going? and About Miui Progress plz keep us informed

    thnx for your efforts

  2. You are welcome ...i took my bro's work and currently in progress
    i will check in my phone if it resets counter and post here if its a success

  3. Thanks in advance for the reset counter

  4. Thnx Man

    I think resetting the counter is the priority now even more than the custom rom as the method for rooting without increasing the bin count is difficult for us ordinary users

    hope u get it right...... thnx for ur & ur brother's efforts efforts