Make your Grand look and feel like Windows Phone 8

Windows Grand 8

Just follow these simple steps to make your samsung galaxy grand look like WP8 :

=>Download Launcher 8 from here => click
=>After you install you can add tiles by clicking menu button and Add
=>To get a music player like wp8 you need to install Ubermusic => here

=>Now long press on music tile and click the top left small icon which is 'edit'
after that click on bind application and select ubermusic that you have installed "Done".Now when you click music tile it will open the ubermusic which is wp8 like music player.

=> For windows style messaging go here => click

Do the same as above (ie. bind application to the message tile and it will open messenger 7)

=>Last one the contacts => here

(Do bind application to contacts tile)

Done ! YOU have a WP8 phone

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