Xposed Framework. Explained !

Xposed framework is a customizer of system apps in android phones. Instead of customizing the app itself it remotely controls the lines to be  changed inside the app through a xml file. A brilliant way to change the way our phone looks.

Today I will walkthrough on Installation of xposed framework and how to make your own customization. This app strictly needs root as it penetrates into system to make changes.

-You need to download xposed app here
-Install the app normally.
-Follow the images below.

- Grant superuser permission.
- click on reboot.
- After reboot you have to go to Download.(See 1st image above)
-Download the desired module.
- Select above on download(see image below[blue mark] ) . Select Modules(red mark).
-Select the modules.(See the 2nd image below)

- Reboot your phone.
- Now your installed modules will be visible in your launcher.

The above modules are my favourite ones. Also if you want to know more about modules you can go to Download -->your module-->original thread.

Thanks alot ! More Explained posts coming !

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